Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who is Our Heavenly Father to us?

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I love thinking about the Father and His love for me. The desire for a loving father is deeply rooted in all of us, regardless of what our earthly fathers are like. I see it bubble up in myself as I read each of the scriptures that describe the Father. Many of his attributes are things I would have never chosen, but desperately need (loving disciplinarian). Others are so obvious and simple that I am surprised by the weight they hold in my life (He knows what I need).

But, let's get down to it. 

Among an endless amount of things, here is who the Father is to us…

He helps, defends, sustains, and loves the fatherless.

He has compassion for his children.

He teaches us, gives us instruction and advice. Not a bad gig since he knows everything.

He disciplines us in love. Every loving father disciplines his children, except His discipline is perfect.

He delights in us. We bring him joy.  He rejoices over us with singing.

He is our Everlasting Father, so there will be no end to our relationship with Him.

He is perfect, as in fully complete in every way. He is everything we want in a Dad…and more!

He knows what you need before you even think to ask.

He rewards us for our prayers and good deeds done in secret. The ones where no one sees but Him. 

He is always there in our secret places. We can not run or hide from Him, even when we try.

He provides for our needs, and often in His grace, he provides for our wants too.

He wants to give you good gifts, and He is pleased when you ask Him for them.

Everything, even the smallest pieces of everyday life are done according to His will and under His control.

One of His favorite pastimes is revealing truth to us.

He is always at work. Always moving.

He is protective of us – no one can snatch us from his hand.

He is pleased to give you the kingdom.

Unintentionally, but appropriately timed for Father's Day! 

Did I forget any attribute that you are especially fond of? 

Also, if you missed it, make sure to read yesterday’s post: Who is Jesus to us?

Tomorrow is the Holy Spirit.

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